X3 in Action


Precision rifles

Our range of Precision Rifles consists of the models M2 and X3 whereby the M2 covers the smaller calibres up to 300 Win. Mag. and X3 for bigger calibres up to 408CheyTac. Both rifles feature a modular switch barrel design which allows the exchange of barrels and the change of calibres. Furthermore several components such as for example the stocks are interchangeable.
We also offer our own range of scope mounts in following diameters 30mm / 34mm / 36mm. Both mounts and Picatinny rails are available from 0 MOA to 50 MOA.
Switching the barrel is a simple and straight forward process that takes no more than one minute and could be carried out in the field if necessary. We also offer a large variety of accessories which enable the shooter to adjust the rifle to almost any thinkable situation. The rifles come in light green brown RAL 8000, other colours are available on surcharge.

Experience and reliability

As a medium-sized enterprise with about 60 employees we can proudly look back to 70 years of successfully producing military, hunting and sporting firearms. Based upon this knowledge we developed this new series of precision rifles in close relationship with LE Snipers from several countries. We are also EN ISO 9001 certified.



VOERE is one of the most innovative and modern companies in the field of precision technology for more than 60 years. Our firearms, developed and produced right below the Kufstein fortress, enjoy international acclaim, yet are still considered an insider tip. Our medium-sized business is marked by a healthy combination of tradition and progressiveness. Our three support pillars are:

Product innovation - the up until today fastest shooting SMG or the worlds first hunting rifle for caseless ammunition, VOERE proofed to be a leader in firearms development many times.

Production engineering - VOERE posseses modern high-speed CNC machining equipment

Workforce – our workforce to 90% consists of skilled workers who made their apprenticeship at VOERE  now work as departmental managers in our company.

We also manufacture parts for the optical industry as well as the medical technology.


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